Fredricksburg in the Texas Hill Country (AVA)
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Early German immigrants planted the first vineyards in Gillespie County, Texas, where this bowl-shaped AVA is found among rolling mounds in the central Texas Hill Country. In fact, these immigrants were a major influence in the development of the area. They founded the community of Fredericksburg in 1846, under the auspices of the Society for the Protection of German Immigrants in Texas, also known as Adelsverein. The city of Fredericksburg derives its name from Prince Frederick of Prussia, who was the highest-ranking noble of the Adelsverein. Long ago, it was common here to make wine from wild grapes, particularly the grape known as Mustang. Today, the viticultural area covers approximately 110 square miles, with around 60 acres under vine. As Fredericksburg is located over 200 miles inland from the coast, as well as having a higher altitude, it is not affected by the hot, humid, marine winds from the Gulf of Mexico.

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