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Varietal Character

You may be the big winner in Vienna's casino vineyards, but in North America, your bizarre name may be too long shot a bet for the high-rollers in marquee appellations. But wait, those gambling vigneron of the cooler climes are used to playing against the odds and at least a few are staking their bets to you in hope that your name really does translate to "Double Your Money".

Appellations Growing Zweigelt Grapes

Appellations producing the most Zweigelt wines:

Zweigelt Grape Details

Zweigelt (aka. Blauer Zweigelt, Klosterneuburg 71, Rotburger, Zweigeltrebe)

This relatively recent cross of St-Laurent with Blaufrankisch displays the body and acidic nature of these parents respectively. Widely grown in Austria, where it was developed and is now that country’s most popular dark-skinned grape, Zweigelt ripens earlier than Blaufrankisch, but buds later than St. Laurent. This combination produces liberal yields. Zweigelt is said to be amongst the most cold-hardy (vinifera) varieties and its ability to create good red wines with some aging ability is catching the attention of cold climate growers outside of Eastern Europe. The grape is also gaining popularity in Canada. The winery on Pelee Island, Ontario blends it with Gamay and at least one producer in Nova Scotia has faith in the variety to produce deeply pigmented full bodied reds.

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Best-of-Appellation Wine List

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Featured Zweigelt

Galen Glen Vineyard and Winery 2013 Stone Cellar Zweigelt (Lehigh Valley)

buy wine $14.99
Galen Glen Vineyard and Winery 2011 Stone Cellar Zweigelt (Lehigh Valley)
Elegant balance of French oak and profuse ripe cherries. Reviewed to be better than Austria! Galen’s pork schnitzel complements it well.
buy wine $14.00

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