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Varietal Character

Sometimes looks can be fact, they can be very deceiving! Ms. Viognier is arguably the most en-vogue white varietal tease show in California today. But less than a decade ago her only performances were in the small Northern Rhone appellations of Condrieu and Chateau Grillet. In broad-minded France, her act was always regarded as a stunning performance worthy of the top entertainment dollar. Unquestionably intoxicating in her beauty, Ms Viognier's frame isn’t weighty but, rather, seductively full in all the right places. She charms in floral dresses, a lively glow about her, and appears innocent and sweet to those who only know her by the scent of her perfume. However, be warned young vignerons should you wish to court this beautiful temptress...she is reluctant to bear fruit and did we mention, up close Ms Viognier reveals a distinctly dry masculine go ahead, be deceived!

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Viognier Grape Details

This special and exciting variety has taken California by storm and young plantings already demonstrate that this outstanding variety is too good to overlook. In California, it ranks with Cabernet as the most expensive crop, at $1,030 per ton, compared to Cabernet Sauvignon’s $1,048 per ton. The increasing acreage of Viognier in both California and France is due partly to the consumers' growing interest in such exotic wines, and also because of the isolation of less problematic clones.

Proper Viognier will seduce one’s senses. The moment the bottle is opened, it offers up an intense exotic perfume of mayflowers and tropical fruits. The palate is actually overwhelmed by its richness of body and flavor, which suggests a sweet wine, despite its usual complete dryness.

Less than a decade ago, this variety -- which shares vineyard space with the hardy Syrah grape in the northern Rhône -- was considered one of the wine world’s rarest, but most intriguing varieties. In fact, outside of the Rhône, Viognier was virtually unknown to the rest of the world’s vineyards. The variety has a notorious reputation for robbing vignerons of sleep. This is due to its tendencies for poor fruit set, low yields, proneness to disease, etc., which have given more than a few growers second thoughts about its cultivation.

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Featured Viognier

Pearmund Cellars 2005 Late Harvest Viognier (Virginia)
A lighter & spicy style dessert wine with aromatics of ginger, peach & honeysuckle.
buy wine $25.00
Dover Canyon Winery 2006 Viognier (Paso Robles)
Aromas of citrus, summer hay and wildflowers precede juicy summer flavors of ripe peach and kiwi in this crisp, refreshing viognier.
buy wine $22.00

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