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Varietal Character

You’re no spring chicken. You’ve wandered wine country old and new for over 2 millennia, with a preference for the sun. While you can present yourself with a pretty perfume, the fragrant scent can be short-lived, revealing a flabby figure that may sometimes be a tad over tanned. Your choice of companionship has been questionable. In Italy, you usually hang with your skinny friend Trebbiano, and in Spain, with the similarly boney Macabeo. Both of these lads tend to be on the sour side, but they do appreciate and compliment you on your pleasantly plump figure. When you’re out together, just don’t let them have too much to say, as you carry yourself with far better character.

Appellations Growing Vermentino Grapes

Appellations producing the most Vermentino wines:

Vermentino Grape Details

Vermentino (aka. Malvasia, Malvoisie)

Considered by many to be the Malvasia grape under another name, Vermentino is often associated with Corsica, where it is used to produce full-bodied, dry, white wines, which go well with seafood. Vermentino is also grown in the Liguria (Riviera) region of Italy, in northern Sardinia, Spain, Greece, Eastern Europe and Australia. It is best when young.

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