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Varietal Character


You are strong and daring…a winter warrior.
You first conquered the South Dakota Badlands,
on your way to becoming the leader of a vast
northern prairie territory. Your kingdom is
secure, for there are few others that can
claim your strength. The weak, simply die in
the bitter northern winters. It has been said
very quietly that you lack some elegance and
refinement. But given the proper handling your
nature can be quite pleasant, when need be.

Appellations Growing Valiant Grapes

Appellations producing the most Valiant wines:

Valiant Grape Details

This red wine producing grape, reportedly cold-hardy to -70 F (approx. -52 C), has lived up to its name in some harsh winter conditions. Valiant is grown in South Dakota, Minnesota, and other parts of the continental Midwest. Valiant is also grown in the Canadian prairie provinces, where reportedly it does not require protection from the elements, wintering above ground instead of the usual 'hilling-up' required for most varieties subjected to similar conditions. The vine was developed by Dr. Ron Peterson at South Dakota State University from a Fredonia x Wild Montana (Vitis riparia) cross. It is mostly used in blends, but is also made into jelly, and consumed as a table grape. Ripening about three weeks prior to Concord, it typically produces grapes with low acid levels and high sugars