Unidentified Varieties
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Varietal Character

Unidentified Varieties
Unidentified Varieties
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Appellations Growing Unidentified Varieties Grapes

Appellations producing the most Unidentified Varieties wines:

Unidentified Varieties Grape Details

The grape vine's history in the Americas is long and sorted. Indigenous species and varieties have evolved with the natural ecologies of the continent for millennia. With the arrival of the first Europeans came new species and varieties of vines. For the first time native and foreign varieties shared the same habitat and with cross-pollination natural hybrids began to emerge out of colonist's vineyards. The cultivar catalogue was expanded further with man-made hybrids. Centuries of such genetic intermingling has lead to an unparalleled viticultural diversity which includes the occasional vine that has been established in a vineyard for generations and whose origins are only know through family lore and tradition. Until researches conduct DNA analysis of such "unidentified varieties", they remain America’s mystery grapes.

Best-of-Appellation Wine List

See the Unidentified Varieties wines that have been advanced to Best-of-Appellation™ standing for their respective regions.

Featured Unidentified Varieties

Bargetto Winery Chaucer's Raspberry Wine (Santa Cruz Mountains)
With richness similar to a fine liqueur, this specialty dessert-style beverage is not fortified and contains only 10.5% alcohol.
buy wine $15.00
Bargetto Winery Chaucer's Olallieberry Wine (Santa Cruz Mountains)
"Olallie" is a word from Native Americans of the Pacific Northwest. It represents a hybrid cross of a loganberry and a youngberry.
buy wine $15.00