Morio Muskat
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Varietal Character

Morio Muskat
Morio Muskat
Morio, when you don your wild floral attire, you convinced all that you are a member of the flamboyant Muscat family. But in reality it’s all a stage act. When not afforded the warmth of the spotlight, your rather plain personality is revealed. This shouldn’t come as such a surprise, after all, your parents are none other than the rather subtle Pinot Blanc and the languished Silvaner.

Appellations Growing Morio Muskat Grapes

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Morio Muskat Grape Details


This vinifera variety was developed by Peter Morio at the Geilweilerhof Institute, Germany, around 1961. Curiously, this grape which has the potential to produce wine with an extraordinary Muscat-like bouquet and flavor when fully ripened, is not a true Muscat at all -- it is actually a Silvaner and Pinot Blanc cross. In North America, Morio Muskat is successfully grown in cool-climate regions of the northeastern USA and Canada. Best results are obtained in deep, humus-rich soil, on a good site.