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Varietal Character

Physically, you’re big and a bit on the clumsy side; some even say you’re tad dumb! But what a great personality – is it oafish charm? Something must have attracted Roussanne, your longtime companion. For years, your elegant and sharp-witted spouse has been there to bail you out of trouble. Apart from some solo philandering Downunder, you have relied on her company for most of your adventures in the New World, with a few incidents of infidelity forgiven. Your biggest attribute may be your biggest flaw – a tendency to finish a hard days work heavy into the alcohol, and that's when you get really dumb. Just remember not to stray too far from Rousanne's sobering influence.

Appellations Growing Marsanne Grapes

Appellations producing the most Marsanne wines:

Marsanne Grape Details


Probably originating in the northern Rhone, Marsanne’s popularity has been increasing in Europe, as well as in North America and Australia. It is highly productive and in the past long-barrel aging produced a wine that needs years in bottle before drinking. Today, through modern winemaking techniques, it is being produced on its own, as a characterful wine that is deeply-colored and full-bodied, with notes of honeysuckle and almonds. Often, it is also blended to add roundness to the more aromatic, acidic varietals, such as Roussanne, Rolle and Viognier. California’s Rhone Rangers have taken an interest in this varietal and Victoria region of Australia produces old-vine Marsanne that can be exquisite.

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Best-of-Appellation Wine List

See the Marsanne wines that have been advanced to Best-of-Appellation™ standing for their respective regions.

Featured Marsanne

Cass Vineyard & Winery 2006 Estate Cuvee, Estate Grown (Paso Robles)
A Rhône style wine that blends the floral character of the Viognier, the citrus of Roussanne and the fruit flavors of the Marsanne.
buy wine $28.00
Twisted Oak Winery 2007 Ruben's Blend (Calaveras County)

buy wine $24.00

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