Fernao Pires
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Varietal Character

Fernao Pires
Fernao Pires
Mr. Pires, the exotic spices you brought to Portugal from the Far East seemed to have bestowed upon you a wonderfully aromatic perfume. No wonder the locals from Bairrada, more accustomed to dealing with the acidic nature of the red skinned Mr. Baga, have been known to call you the decidedly more feminine name of Maria Gomez. Not to worry. You can have the last laugh. Mr. Baga is Portugal's most famous cross dresser – the star attraction as the lead of the pink clad Mateus ensemble.

Appellations Growing Fernao Pires Grapes

Appellations producing the most Fernao Pires wines:

Fernao Pires Grape Details

Fernao Pires (aka. Maria Gomes)

This Portuguese native is that country’s most planted grape, especially in the Ribatejo area. In Bairrada, Fernão Pires is known as Maria Gomes, and is the most familiar white grape variety. The best wines made from the grape exhibit excellent fruit character and strong aromatics, sometimes suggestive of pepper. Fernao Pires can be quite versatile, often used to produce flavorful dry, sweet and sparkling wines. The grape is also widely grown in South Africa.