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Varietal Character

Our dear ' little sweet one '. How
we adore those puffy rosy cheeks
full of blackberries and plums.
You’ve arrived in America. I hope
that your ‘ Cal-Italian ’ guardians
manage to keep your sour side in
check and never let you get too
mature, as it is your youthful
charm that we so love.

Appellations Growing Dolcetto Grapes

Appellations producing the most Dolcetto wines:

Dolcetto Grape Details


Dolcetto originates in the Piedmont region of Italy, where it is overshadowed by the more powerful and concentrated Nebbiolo and even Barbera. In California there are less than 100 acres under vine, typically grown by expatriate Italians. The grape produces deeply-pigmented wines, thick with fruit character, high in natural acidity and having only mild tannins. Dolcetto is best consumed young, as its youthful fruit character fades quicker than its acidity.

Best-of-Appellation Wine List

See the Dolcetto wines that have been advanced to Best-of-Appellation™ standing for their respective regions.

Featured Dolcetto

Abacela 2007 Dolcetto (Umpqua Valley)
Ripe red and black fruit dominate the fruit driven nose with hints of toasty oak in the background.
buy wine $20.00
Rosa d'Oro Vineyards 2005 Dolcetto, Estate (Lake County)
A Piedmont varietal with deep color, relatively low acidity and significantly high tannins, surprising to those expecting a sweet wine.
buy wine $22.00

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