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Varietal Character

You earn a living as a personal trainer pumping up Molinara and Rondinella in the Valpolicella arena. But when it comes to high stakes competition, you train alone on the slopes of northern Italy. Your regime is legendary, a training method developed in your homeland known as the Ripasso method. While working through this regime you lay out in the sun and pump up from dawn until dusk. You have achieved a powerful body, however the tanning process has left your skin dried and leathery.

Appellations Growing Corvina Grapes

Appellations producing the most Corvina wines:

Corvina Grape Details

Corvina (aka. Corvina Veronese)

Along with Molinara and Rondinella, Corvina is the varietal responsible for the production of Valpolicella and Bardolino in northeastern Italy. Corvina is generally regarded as the best of these grapes, and is often afforded the best vineyard locations. In its northern Italian homeland, it produces red wines with mild fruity flavor and hints of almond. The grape is most expressive as the main component of Veneto’s full-bodied, powerful and concentrated, dried-grape (Ripasso) red wines of Amarone and its sweeter version, Recioto. In North America, the varietal gets little attention. However, a lone producer in Southern Virginia is using to Corvina to make a traditional Amarone-styled wine.