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Varietal Character


Despite your famous name, you have
yet to gain national attention. Your
wild character and dark skin does
not seem to conform to conservative
sensiblities. Keep playing your style,
Mr. Clinton. What would America be
without a little foxy lady mixed in
with its vanilla tunes?

Appellations Growing Clinton Grapes

Appellations producing the most Clinton wines:

Clinton Grape Details

Clinton (aka. Plant des Carmes, Plant Pouzin, Worthington)

This relatively unknown American hybrid, derived from Vitis riparia and Vitis labrusca, is still grown in some vineyards in the northeastern United States and a few acres in northeast Italy (although it is not a permitted variety). Clinton is a hardy vine with good disease resistance, and notably is immune to phylloxera. The vine yields dark-skinned berries with good acidity, and produces deeply-colored wines with a distinctively ‘foxy’ flavor.