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Varietal Character


Your brother Carnelian entered the political arena a few years before you arrived on the scene. His lack of success has negatively affected your campaign. Unable to capitalize on your parents reputation, neither of you will become a leader of the state. Looks like you will just have to be content with dull old seats on the Central Valley town council.

Appellations Growing Centurion Grapes

Appellations producing the most Centurion wines:

Centurion Grape Details


Centurion is a productive red grape cross, developed at U.C. Davis by crossing Cabernet Sauvignon, with Grenache and Carignane. Centurion has the same parentage as Carnelian, which was released three years prior, and shares many of the same qualities. The goal was to produce a wine similar to Cabernet, which could flourish in the hot, dry Central Valley. It failed to acquire much of Cabernet Sauvignon's character, but did represent an improvement on grape varieties that were commonly grown in the valley. Released in the early 1970s, acreage in California peaked at about 1,000 acres, and has been in constant decline. Current acreage in the state is closer to 300.