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Varietal Character

Brianna, you are a sweetheart with your fruity white wine made from your cold climate home. It intriques as those harsh winter months can find hints of tropical pineapple in your perfumed nose and fruity disposition. Yet you shold be chilled before arrival just like those frigid winter months you endure to unveil your next work of art.

Appellations Growing Brianna Grapes

Appellations producing the most Brianna wines:

Brianna Grape Details

BRIANNA: This Elmer Swenson cross was created in 1983. Its synonym name is ES 7-4-76. A greenish-gold grape, it turns gold when fully ripened and is reported to be a Kay Gray x ES 2-12-13 cross. Growers in Nebraska claim it ripens around late August-early September; cold hardiness listed as no bud damage to -28 deg. F. Trial white dessert wines are reported to possess a pronounced pineapple nose and flavor. Also recommended as a tablegrape. (source: THE SUPER GIGANTIC Y2K WINEGRAPE GLOSSARY by Anthony J. Hawkins This version updated 13-OCT-2007)

Best-of-Appellation Wine List

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