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Varietal Character

You play the supporting role to the heavy hitters of Port such as Touriga Nacional and Touriga Francesa. But your talent doesn't lie in brute tannic power, it is more a strength of character -- some might even say, finesse. Don’t throw in the towel, your time in the rough rings of the Duoro and California's Central Valley are far from over.

Appellations Growing Alvarelhao Grapes

Appellations producing the most Alvarelhao wines:

Alvarelhao Grape Details

Alvarelhão (aka Locaio, Pilongo)

Alvarelhão is a little known varietal indigineous to Portugal. While once widely grown on the Iberian Peninsula, Alvarelhão is now almost exclusively found in the Duoro where it is most often used as one component of Port blends and occcasionally used in the production of light red and rosé wines. In North America, Alvarelhão is grown in California’s Central Valley, where specialists such as Ficklin utilize the grape as part of fortified wines modelled after Port.


Blue Book Taste Profiles for Alvarelhao from the following Appellations:

Featured Alvarelhao

Forlorn Hope 2007 Suspiro del Moro, Silvaspoons (Napa Valley)
Intriguingly aromatic and with effusive, juicy fruit on the palate, this light-bodied red has no trouble making friends. Absolutely delicious!
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